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Tanzer Boat Parts

By John Charters

Tanzer Boat Parts. This is the outfit that has taken over the sale and distribution of parts for Tanzer sailboats from Yachting Services. And while we all wish this new company every success, one thing must be borne in mind.

And that is, it is in the best interests of all Tanzer owners that this company is successful. Without Tanzer Boat Parts, none of us will be able to get replacement parts for our boats. In other words, we all need to support this new venture.

Yachting Services, under the direction of Eric Spencer, sold Tinker Inflatable Dinghies and Prop Protectors, in addition to parts for Tanzer boats. In slack times, when Tanzer business was slow, one or both of these other products kept the cash flowing. This enabled Eric to spend hours of his time, filling orders for such minor items as teak Turn Buttons for the anchor well hatches. At $5.00 each. Hardly a profitable use of time.

If we want Tanzer Boat Parts to be profitable, we will all have to support this new company in every way. That means, whenever possible, buying the larger ticket items from them, not just the little things. Because, they don’t have two or three other lines to carry them when Tanzer sales are slow. We need to ensure that Tanzer Boat Parts is with us for a good long time.

We need them! See Tanzer Boat Parts for ordering information.