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Looking for a sailboat or want to move from a dinghy to a keelboat? Take a close look at the Tanzer 22.

By JP Landart and Ross Ernst
From NSC Telltale November 2007.

Despite its initial “retro” appearance”(built in the 70’s), it is quite a versatile little boat for the $.

Here are top 10 reasons to consider buying a T22, according to various owners (racers and cruisers).

Sailing Versatility:

  • Great starter boat to learn sailing (sturdy and won’t tip over).
  • Excellent little cruiser (very spacious cockpit for day cruising, enough cabin space for 4 on an overnighter). The spaciousness of the V berth is also exceptional for a boat that size.
  • Popular and competitive racer ( PHRF handicap proves it; good racing fleets in both One Design and in PHRF handicap). Races twice a week at the Nepean Sailing Club and excellent regattas in Canada and the US.
  • Easy to single-hand, only 3 people required to race.


  • Low price and unbeatable value for your money (between $4000-$8000).
  • Retains its value well.
  • Easy to find.

Low Maintenance:

  • Very easy to maintain the fibreglass and the limited wood trim.
  • Easy to obtain replacement parts (saving time and money for more sailing).

One of the better inland waterway boat:
  • The draft is only 3’5, so water level is not as crucial as on other keelboats, providing greater sailing flexibility for exploring and mooring.
  • It is also sailed (raced and cruised) on the Atlantic Coast, in Eastern Canada and the US).

Affordable Sails:

  • Both foresails and mainsail are made of Dacron, a class rule.


  • Fairly simple to put on a trailer and drive around. No need for a big “truck” to pull it.

The Tanzer 22 Class Association:

  • Strong, friendly and ready to help fellow owners. There are around 50 Tanzer 22’s at the Nepean Sailing Club alone.

Small Outboard Engine:

  • Only requires 4-5 hp, so cheaper to buy and maintain.

Cheaper Mooring Fees:

  • Smaller sometimes has it advantages.
Good Looking Boat with Clean Lines that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

To learn more about the Tanzer 22 and its advantages, please visit:
  • The Class Association website : http://www.tanzer22.com
  • Nepean Sailing Club: meet some owners, most boats are kept at D dock. http://www.nsc.ca
  • Search reviews or comments on the Internet (reviews from Sailing World, Practical Sailor, etc).

Interested in buying ? 

Check these places:

Some quotes from owners:

  • "From time to time I get possessed by the urge to investigate upgrading to a bigger boat here on the Ottawa River but each time I end up thinking about some of these distinctive features of the T22 that I would be giving up and then the motivation for going to the bigger boat ebbs away again." (John, #333).
  • “Best all round day racer/cruiser going AND the cheapest to own and operate. You cannot tip it over, or damage it so that a pound of fibre glass won’t fix it.” (Peter, #1857)
  • “In the 17 years we have had our T22 the most important thing has been the community of fellow Tanzer owners at our club and in the Ottawa area. There is always someone to help solve a problem, share ideas and enjoy the fun with.” (Hugh, #1743)