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The Tanzer 22 Class Association was formed in1970 to:

  • establish and promote the Tanzer 22 sloop, both the finkeel and keel/centerboard model, as a one-design class;
  • promote family cruising and class racingunder uniform rules;
  • prevent design changes intended toout-class boats now constituting the Tanzer 22 Class;
  • promoteinter-regional activities and to support the work of regionalfleets and governing bodies.

With the demise of Tanzer Industries, the roll of ourAssociation has evolved to providing help and assistance toTanzer owners with technical matters,hard to find parts, and tuning,maintenance

Up until 2009 the members of the Association received our Newsletter Tanzer Talkthat covered many subjects that relate equally to the 22 as wellas the other Tanzer models.