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2010 Race Schedule

Tanzer 22 North American Championship
Nepean One-Design (NOD) Regatta

June 26-27, 2010
Tanzer 22 One Design
Nepean Sailing Club
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The premier One Design Regatta in the National Capital Region.

The NOD is a fun-filled, action-packed event which traditionally takes place over a weekend in mid-June. This two day regatta is hosted by the Nepean Sailing Club and is open to some of the more popular one-design keel-boats and dinghies.

The NOD takes place on the Ottawa River where it widens and is known as Lac Deschênes. It is an annual event which has been going strong for well over a decade (it was known as the Midland Walwyn in the early 1990s).

Currently there are 11 Tanzer 22s
that have registered for this event including several out of town boats (and some from the US).

Regatta Results - Tanzer 22

Congratulations Keith Kennedy on #14 Carpe Diem

Sailed: 6, Discards: 1, To count: 5, Entries: 11

RankClassBoat NameSail #HelmClubRace 1
Jun 26
Race 2
Jun 26
Race 3
Jun 26
Race 4
Jun 26
Race 1
Jun 27
Race 2
Jun 27
     Total       Net
1stTanzer 22carpe diem14Keith KennedyNSC0.750.75(7.00)3.000.75 2.00
2ndTanzer 22Suzy Q1185Robert EngelRiverton
3rdTanzer 22NSC Beagle1681Scott HollowayNSC5.
4thTanzer 22Snoekie333Ross ErnstNSC(6.00)
5thTanzer 22Tantramar363Thomas
6thTanzer 22Zephyr II1617Harrienne
7thTanzer 22
1791Eric RamsdenNSC3.007.006.00(11.00 DNC)5.009.0041.0030.00
8thTanzer 22Sherrie89Daniel GodboutNSC7.004.00(8.00)
9thTanzer 22Kananaskis2017Herve DepowNSC(11.00 DNF)
10thTanzer 22Peppermint1568Tim NasonNSC(10.00)10.0010.009.0010.0010.0059.0049.00
11thTanzer 22Semsema II622Brian Smith
9.00(11.00 DNC)11.00 DNC11.00 DNC11.00 DNC11.00 DNC64.0053.00